How You Can Help

Would you like to make some sick kids really, really happy?  There are many ways that you can help!

A tax deductible donation of any amount would brighten our day! Every penny that we receive (after the banks take their credit card fees) goes straight towards purchasing materials for our capes, masks, tutus and hair items. (Really! We have a dedicated donor who pays for the boring stuff like business cards and web hosting.) Click here to spread some joy:

You also have the option of brightening kids’ lives monthly!  Please consider a recurring pledge.  Imagine the joy you would share then!

Recurring Donations

If you would like to send a check, please send it to:
Emmy’s Heart
PO Box 266725
Weston, FL 33326

We would also gladly accept in-kind donations.

  • We use rolls of 6-inch tulle to make our tutus and crowns.
  • Capes are make from poly/cotton blend broadcloth with felt appliques.
  • Our hair items are made with grosgrain ribbon.
  • We also use 1 inch no-roll elastic and velcro.
  • Did I mention buttons? We love to embellish our hair items with fun buttons too!

The best way that you would be able to help Emmy’s Heart and help expand our reach would be to start your own organization. Do you have some friends who are crafty and like to get together for some coffee and fun? Then a tutu party is the thing for you! Tutus are very easy to make and require absolutely no sewing skills. (Okay, the elastic band is sewn, but that’s it!) Crowns are made with tulle tied around a rubber O-ring. Masks are cut out of foam. The capes do require minimal sewing skills, but it is a very simple design. Please contact Laura Pita, our Chief Dream Officer, at or 954-830-9896 to get started.

If you live in South Florida and would like to volunteer your time and talents, please contact Laura at or 954-830-9896. She’ll put you to work.